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RPM.... shoot up to 1500 on idle

Hi i am curious if anyone had this happen to your car... Yesterday driving normally in Los Angeles Traffic my RPM shoot up all of a sudden to 1.5rpm on idle... usually its below 1k when fully stop. This happened several time in within the an hour.

no error, cel, engine light or anything, it just shoot right up on idle after sometime of traffic.

does anyonw know if this is normal? this never happened to me before and this is my route for the last 2 years

EDIT: just wanted to add, my idle does not go below normal it just shoots up to 1500, and every morning it idles fine and runs fine...
Also i dont get this on COLD start as some might have mentioned. i will try to replicate what i did yesterday from work to home... Meaning drive in Los Angeles Traffic.

IF YOU HAD HAVE THIS PROBLEM POST YOUR EXPERIENCE, I have read all the thread regarding ICV but hoping someone can post on a problem that was fix by the dealer. thanks.

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