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Originally Posted by TiAg335i View Post
Have you been to amsterdam?
no, but im positive the weed from the islands i smoke is harder than most stuff there... I dont have a serious urge to go there.

Originally Posted by 1speedbike View Post
Since you're in the answering mood.

Best/favorite strain you've smoked?

Authentic New York Sour Diesel, and Jamaican Ice.

Best/favorite hash you've smoked?

Jam Ice/moonshine hash

Do you ever make your own hash?


Are you a "sit on the couch eating chips and watching tv" smoker, or a "go out into the woods, walk around, explore shit" smoker? Most people I know tend to fall into one of these two categories and not really much in between..

I control my high, it doesnt control me. I do whatever I want to do when Im high... but im always high. I dont really get "stoned" but im always in a nice state. If I have to focus to do work, or to study, focus in class, enjoy a meal better, enjoy music/movies better, basically enhances everything I do. I am very productive, my work and studies are my priority, I will rather smoke alone studying and ensure my success rather than chill with the boys and smoke. But I do my work, and then chill. I am extremely efficient

How bad are your munchies? Again, most smokers I know tend to have them bad (myself included), or inexplicably not at all..

It always helps me control my hunger. Smoking can help me keep from eating, or it can make my appetite increase. It does whatever I want it to do. The only way it can work to my disadvantage is when I dont eat anything all day and its like 6pm and someone talks about food or I see pictures of food, then the herb will accelerate the munchies like a mother fucker lol.

Do you ever drive high? I can never bring myself to drive fully high, too paranoid and probably too irresponsible.

I dont ever get high until I am home and have no where to go.

Do you do other drugs?


Do you do other drugs in conjunction with smoking?

No, dont do any other drugs. Never had more than 5 drinks in my life. Will never try any other drugs. If anyone pulls hard drugs out in my presence it is to be considered something of the highest disrespect and will not be tolerated. I do not associate myself with hard drug users nor have any desire to. I have no respect for these people, and truly dont give a fuck to know them. I will break someone's face if they ever were to be in my car with coke/heroin or in my presence. I will eject a mother fucker no problem. I dont play those games.

Okay that's all for now I'm just curious how your "habits" match up with mine
burning some sour diesel right nowwww
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