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First time I partook in college, that was a crazy day. Just finished pledging a fraternity and was out with the boys on an errand to pick up a new piece. While on the way to Venice, some dumb broad (think her kid was in the car too) breaking in middle of the freeway in the middle lane with no cars in front of her (nearly killed my party), but I haven't partook of the greenery yet.

Side note, at this point I'm years sober and a complete newb. We get back to the pad and I take my virgin rip. Throat hurts the rest of the evening. I'm seeing everything in slideshow mode and can barely remember how to walk down the stairs. Every moment was like a new moment to me. We headed off to get some Albertos fast food and smash a couple parties that night. I got too messed up so decided to stay in the car.

Now's where the story gets crazy for me. I was just chillin in the car minding my own business, trying to feel better so I can go in and enjoy the party. At this point all my homies have gone in ahead of me. So I sit there in the passenger side and just as I'm staring off into nowhere, I hear a loud *BANG* and look up. About 25 feet in front of me was a mexicant gangbanger with an arm in the air and a pistol in hand. He calmly walked past me while I'm in the passenger seat just scared shitless; somehow I guess he didn't see me. At the time I had his face hotstamped into my brain and was afraid he'd come back to kill me. Fast forward 20 mins, and I almost convince myself I must have imagined the whole episode, only to see 2 squad cars pull up. Now I'm thinking FML, I'm too incoherent to drive myself, and I don't want to drive and make myself conspicuous, so spent the next 20 mins finding my friends to GTFO. This all happened in the ghetto, btw.

Yeah, yeah, cool story bro.