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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
Its not that, you cant trust people these days. Ive known this dude since the first days i started smoking. I never break a sweat with him.

Im pretty sure those cokeheads make 1/100th the contributions i do to society. Im more than functional at all times. dont drink, dont do any other drugs. never tried any other drugs, and never will. Rastafari live long, live strong.

once a week, dont want to have too much weight on me at any time... the last thing i want is for cops to think im dealing.

someone's gotta got to do it. there is no one out there who can do what im going to do. my strains will not be mass market strains. all super exotics and undefined.
nah man, i just said it was a coke habit cause 50k is a lot to spend.

do you pick up all the same strain or diversify?