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Razor sharp handling
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Say hello to my light little friend

So I guess the 335i will have to wait in line for its turn at the track...

I picked up the TT replacement Saturday to keep my 335i company. I had thought long and hard about getting a GT3, but I think that's too much car for me -- it will be there waiting for me when I'm ready.

As for the Elise, wow, what a rush. This car buzzes and rattles like the dickens, but I just don't mind at all... For those of you who have never driven a mid-engined car before, I highly recommend it. That polar moment of inertia stuff is not a joke, this car wants to rotate. Also, I finally understand what "communicative steering" means. There's no power steering, and when you corner hard, the second you lose grip the steering effort gets extremely high. Then, when you counter-steer, the second it goes light again, you're good to go. Telepathy.

And while I used to get positive comments and stares driving the TT, I now need a pair of dark glasses and a hat. In my neighborhood, this is usually the first Elise most people have seen, so in one afternoon of driving around town, I made many new friends... Kids all know it, adults have never heard of it.

Anyway, a couple pics, the car is polar blue with red leather interior:

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