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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Wow, fantastic. Would love to see what the cam phasing is up to, guess that's a little harder to datalog? Very interesting how much more spark advance the dinan tune is using pretty much everywhere. Scale is different on the two spark advance plots so they look similar but the Evolve tune actually appears to drop off quite a bit more at 7,000 rpm (cam phasing step change?) and then increase all the way to redline where the Dinan tune has another dropoff but still ends up at a higher numerical value. The differences in the power curves seem to track pretty close to the spark advance curve once you get above 6k. I wonder how much of that is attributable to the octane difference, since we've seen 91 octane have a pretty big effect on other dynos on other cars.
Ignition advance is massively affected by octane. We have datalogged this many times.

With high octane fuel the ECU will very much hit it's ignition targets (Stock) and make best power.

The Dinan car is quite clearly hitting it's ignition targets.

The car we tuned is on 91 and will not hit ignition targets as you can clearly see and nor are we forcing ignition.

The sudden drop and rising of the ignition is quite normal at high rpm's. Will vary from run to run.

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