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Originally Posted by bmw View Post
The N54 in the 1M feels much different than any other N54 vairant, including the Z4is and The 335is. It feels much more "M". It truly is an amazing little car. The purest in the BMW lineup.
interesting....and what would the "M" feel be like, since you are the expert around here?

Because all along we ignorant people thought that the true "M" feeling was one of high revving, instant throttle response, extremely agile, good looking, gt car.....

Originally Posted by bmw
Oh, and sorry DCT guys, the majority of "enthusiasts" go for the 6MT. The DCT is more common for the "name" buyers, as they cant drive stick. The DCT is an amazing thing, and for what it is, it is great. But at the end of the day, the car is missing something. And that little thing goes under your left foot.
subtle "I don't know how DCT works, so let me make up some retarded shit about 'enthrusiast' wanting MT's instead herp derp" post

Originally Posted by bmw
I am a CA, so I see this stuff every day.
Ah yes, of UFO's, Hollywood stars, high gas prices, and idiot BMW owners who get DCT's instead of a "REAL" transmission, am I right?
Originally Posted by bmw View Post
And another thing, trust me.
nah, when someone starts their sentence with that, most usually don't

Originally Posted by bmw
With the 1M, dont knock it till you try it, its a BEAST. A true modern day E30 M3
sorry, but as good as the 1M, and I think it is a great car for the price, it's nowhere near a E30 M3 in terms of driving dynamics. You obviously have never driven a proper E30 M3.... sorry.

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