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You know, this has been how i've tried to live my life over the last year. My best friend's girlfriend is dying of cancer, she's 30. She studied all her life to be a doctor, and barely out of school... this hits her.

You don't know what lies ahead tomorrow. If you can afford the car today and you want it, get it. There will always be something better and newer around the corner, that's a certainty. However, nobody knows if we'll be here tomorrow, next week or in a few years to enjoy those ''up coming'' toys. Live today, in 3 years you'll see what you feel like doing :-). It's only a car.

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Hah, my thinking exactly. Still have to run it by the wife but seeing as she just blew her brains out shopping this weekend on clothes/shoes (her dime mind you) I think she won't put up too much of a fight.

Thanks for the input guys... its not surprising given the audience here though.
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