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Originally Posted by ducman View Post
First the PY24W didn't even fit on the oem base. I bruise my hand trying to twist it. Even in the video they don't even show you (sorry, but this diy isn't that great).
Yeah, that's hilarious. The video shows the guy twisting the PY24W bulb in the OEM base. It's clearly not turned as far as it should, he tries again... still doesn't turn all the way... tries a few more times appearing to strain to turn it... and video cuts away with us never seeing it turned all the way.

Too bad I found this thread after purchasing this light from ********** (described as "City Vision Lighting" brand but doesn't say that on the box - I'd imagine they all come off the same assembly line). I gave up trying to get one bulb to work and now can't get the OEM bulb working. I'll check the prongs/housing later when I jack up the car and take a wheel off so I can see in there better. I've done entire engine and transmission swaps but I can't replace this f#@king light bulb. Has anyone installed these without any problems?
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