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Originally Posted by shake&bake View Post
It is amazing that the BMW service guys even think all BMW's have run flat tires. I had this issue on my 08' 550, and the dealership paid for my rim and tire since I drove it to the dealership and it ruined the rim. I want to double check, but I think the window sticker specifies run flats as well on the M3. Unfortunately, I hit a pot hole last night and to no big surprise, it blew the OEM M. Pilot PS2. I just got off the phone arguing with the service guy that not all BMW have run flat tires. Seems they have some responsibility here. I was in the market for a new set of wheels and tires anyways, but this sucks. If it is posted on the window sticker and the sales guys sell it, I believe BMW has some liability. Any one else have any experience with this?
No, I haven't ,I bought mine at a private dealer but,I thought they came equipped with RFT's myself, since my wife's 325i came with them , then a couple weeks after I got my 08'M3, I asked our service rep at BMW and gave me the low down on the tires on My M....anyway I went online and got me a reconditioned matching wheel at a fraction of what the dealer charges and a tire from TIRE RACK, and toss it in the ride when I take a far trips out of town, and use AAA as back-up since we take long trips year long!