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Originally Posted by Cyrax91 View Post
USA is trash. I guarantee I can go out and find 11 better players in the US that would kill our current team. Bradley needs to start looking for talent and not to his son and his friends. Better yet fire coach Bradley and revamp everything. Yes Michael scores every once in a while, but he is average at best. No real control in the middle. Look at guys like Xavi who create so much throughout a game.
Ive seen college games where the talent looks better than what we have out there.

I am sick of watching this lame ass team play. You're telling me that these are the best players in the United States?! Ya right.
I hate to say it.. but I sort of agree. The US Women's team has better ball control/protection. They aren't constantly looking for the big play down the field..

It is so disappointing watching this team play.
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