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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
OK the Audi looks good on paper but consider this:

-Drive train loss on RS5 probably in the range of 20%, M3 closer to 15%
-Regenerative braking is good for about 5-10 hp
-DCT is probably good for an equivalent of 20 hp (very rough estimate for 0-60 / 0-100 / 1/4 mi times)
-Weight of RS5 is probably going to be > M3

Add all of these effects up what do you find an "equivalent" rwhp of about 380 M3 vs. 360 Audi. Again this is not a rw dyno number but a number to take into account the relative effects of the above. Add to this a lighter vehicle and what do you have? More delivered power less weight, better power (delivered) to weight ratio. Sure with that much torque and 4WD this thing is going to probably do 0-60 really well but it will not be a very good all around sports car.
I read that Regnerative braking is not going to be offered in the U.S. for the M3. Something to do with the battery and U.S. regs. Anyone heard any different?