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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Well we have more in common than a love of GT3s. I have been a serious road cyclist since the mid 80s. I remember buying my first 6 speed Dura Ace group in '87 and being scoffed at by die hard Campy Super Record people. This reminds me of that.
That said, I switched to Campy once they produced a slant parallelgram rear derailleur and indexing.
Nice! You've been riding longer than me. I started riding in the early 90s after getting bored with running. 6 speed cassettes, ah... the memories. How about that dysfunctional egg-shaped big ring from that time period? WTF was that called? It was supposed to provide more torque during the power stroke. I believe Shimano designed it. It lasted about 2 years.

What do you ride now?

Me: A 18 year old Merlin Extra-Lite Ti frame with newer 20 speed Dura-Ace group, Easton carbon fork and Mavic carbon wheels, weighs in at <15 lbs.