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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Manual versus paddle debates remind me of when bicycles went from friction shifting to indexing. Friction lovers always claimed they had more control over the gearing and had a weight advantage.
Guess what? Friction shifting hasn't existed for twenty years.
I can't agree with that analogy at all. I am an avid cyclist (raced competively for a number of years and still ride hardcore) and know exactly what you mean but do not think friction shifting/index shifting relate to the manual/DCT debate. Most of us who love a manual gearbox know that it is inferior to a DCT but don't care as it's the act and feel of shifting period. FTR I don't think that a manual provides more control over a DCT. I really have a hard time understanding why DCT people insist on using the evolving technology card. (I am not necessarily referring to you). DCT is faster but a bit boring at times to me and some others. THAT is all that matters.

Cyclists who feel/felt that friction shifting provided better control and had weight savings worth mentioning are delusional. I have no such delusions about a manual over DCT, although a manual is lighter. We all know that really doesn't make a difference to the average driver.

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