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Originally Posted by SoCal335i View Post
Not all terrorists are Muslims, any fanatic of any religion can be a terrorist. F@ck them all. You have to feel sorry for the innocent casualties but there will always be death of innocent people as long as there is terrorism. So far there are not too many terrorist acts in the U.S. you dont see buses exploding in LA with 50 people on them 3 times a week, i think leaders like Bush keep that from happening here so everyone can drive their bmw's in peace. You shouldnt call him a terrorist.

I see what you mean, but what about the terror he has created in Iraq? I'm very sure even though Saddam killed lots of people, Iraq was NOT in this state that it is in today. Troops is Iraq have stirred the violence and the Iraq war has made things WORSE not better. Bush is not daft, he only helps where he can benefit. I do not see him feeding Africa to such an extent he raises huge finance and sends troops there to stop people going hungry.