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Originally Posted by Azorean View Post
That's what many of the early 335/N54 buyers thought too until they got their first hpfp issue. What about the early E46 M3 with blown engines??

I'll wait and see.

edit: E92 M3 was the exception. Solid model!
lol, too funny.

Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
I plan on blindly buying the new M3. Why? Because after so many years, I trust BMW. I trust the M division will put out a car that I would love to own and it is almost always far more superior than the competition (overall) in that vehicle class. The F32 will have another perfect balance between performance, styling, DD-ability, and luxury.
You are absolutely welcomed to do that, but I wouldn't since I don't know trust BMW with turbos. I too am blindly buying the next 911. But to be fair, the 911 formula hasn't changed very much, so it isn't a night and day difference like with the e9x and the f3x m3.