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Originally Posted by 561design View Post
Is there really that high of a percentage of peaceful muslims? There seems to be many absolutes in Islam that prevents the people of that religion to live peacefully. There may be a small sect of terrorists fighting the western world. But there are also militant muslims in SE Asia. There are groups of muslims in Iraq fighting amoungst each other. There are also those in Lebanon that have yet to lay down their arms in favor of peace. But those people are at the fore front of this debate. There are many more muslims out there that support their cause.

I spent some time in a mosque listening and learning just out of curiosity when I was younger. What was disturbing was their explanation of how Islam spread throughout the world.
I see that you speak of the muslims in Iraq fighting. Well lets look at this example. Did you know that there have been cases where American and British troops have disguised themselves as muslims and then open fire on other muslims? this was even on the BBC website, If I had the link I would of posted it....