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Originally Posted by LEDZEP View Post
Doesn't matter what we think. They are at war with us. They may be a small percentage of extremists, but they are well organized and well funded. To this point, peacful Muslims (the overwhelming majority) do not seem to be part of the solution. Ergo....

Instead of bitching about their rights to pray in airports and scare the shit out of people getting on a plane, it would really help if they were trying to do more to show active disgust for the acts of these terrorists. Unless they aren't really disgusted...

But also keep in mind that the U.S. Government NEEDS us to be AFRAID of SOMETHING at all times. That's how they keep us from focusing on their excesses and horrible way of governing. Would you fire your maid three days before a big dinner party you're giving, even if she does bad work? Nope. You'll think "ok, but after that she's gone". Our government makes sure that there is always a dinner party coming up.

I think it is very unfair that "peaceful muslims" can be judged like that. How can it be our fault at all? I do not think it is fair that you say we do not condemn terrorism enough, we have condemned it but as you say terrorists are "well funded and organised" what can our words do if armies have yet to stop them? I find your comments to be totally unfair. What if I disregared YOUR rights at an airport, how would you feel? would you feel it was fair if I said "quit bitching?"

However, I do agree about the upcoming "dinner party". Bush and Blair in my opinion are huge terrorists but many people wont see them as terrorists as they dont run around with beards and AK47s, they seem like perfectly civilised people. WRONG. I know people will disagree but they are infact terrorists. I know for a fact that the intentions for the Iraq war were not good and infact it has been proven that a LOT of people benefited from oil etc. I feel the problem in the world is that people cannot identify the enemy. I feel muslims are blamed (yes, even the peaceful ones.) and many people like America, Britain and Israel get away with so much. I was just watching a documentary literally minutes ago about jewish settlers illegally taking over homes in palestinian settlements, but the Israeli Army defends the illegal jewish settlers and deny the rightful owners from accessing their homes. I mean this is terrorising rightful owners of homes, but who really cares? would I hear Bush or Blair calling the Israeli Army terrorists? Hell no....