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Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
For some reason, the concept of a god is as likely to me as the concept of no god is to you.
That there in might be your struggle in life.. to see the signs. Even the lead scientist on the Genome project admits that things are far to perfectly put together to just randomly have fallen in place.

Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
A test for what? A test of your virtue? Does it take a lifetime for god to decide if your virtuous?

What of people that die in childhood? Was their test easier? What if you do dangerous sports and die, is that, like, cheating?
Thats right, to test who is good in deeds and who is bad in deeds.
Some people have a long life, where they are given many chances to sin, and many chances to repent. Some people are given short lives. Its all Gods will.
God has said that he is the most just. On the final day, justice will be served. No one will be short changed, no one will be miscounted.

Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
The reason why you believe Jesus is your ticket and not Mohammed...
And the reason why hks786 believes Mohammed is his ticket and not Jesus...
That is the reason why I think there are no tickets.
According to Islam , on the final day all prophets will stand with thier followers behind them. Some will have many, some will have just a few, and some will be standing alone becuase no one wanted to listen to them.

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