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For some reason, the concept of a god is as likely to me as the concept of no god is to you.

I completely understand you, right now, the obstacle between us is that you do no believe in god and I do...

A test for what? A test of your virtue? Does it take a lifetime for god to decide if your virtuous?

What of people that die in childhood? Was their test easier? What if you do dangerous sports and die, is that, like, cheating?

In Islam we believe that Allah only judges you when you have matured, of course it is unfair to judge children when they are not competent to understand morality. Children, we believe that if they die they go straight to heaven and are not punished in any way. And of course it does not take god a lifetime to judge you. Allah knows what happens before it happens. However, he gives man FREE WILL to make his own choices ! and noone can cheat fate, Allahs plan prevails all plans. We believe that if Allah wants something to happen, it WILL happen !

I still have Faith the JC is my ticket to those answers.

I have many reasons for not believe Jesus to be God. I find it hard to believe that God and his son would be part of one being. I find it hard to believe the God's OWN son would have to die for us to gain forgiveness. I find that to be heavily unfair that someone should die for someone to be forgiven. I mean God has complete power to make this decision. Yes, sacrifices can be made, in Islam we believe in this. But sacrifice God's son? no this cannot be true in our beliefs. There is actually a very interesting video about this and I could give you the link for it, if you listened to it I am SURE you would what I believe to be flaws in Christianity. Again, no insult intended!