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Doesn't matter what we think. They are at war with us. They may be a small percentage of extremists, but they are well organized and well funded. To this point, peacful Muslims (the overwhelming majority) do not seem to be part of the solution. Ergo....

Instead of bitching about their rights to pray in airports and scare the shit out of people getting on a plane, it would really help if they were trying to do more to show active disgust for the acts of these terrorists. Unless they aren't really disgusted...

But also keep in mind that the U.S. Government NEEDS us to be AFRAID of SOMETHING at all times. That's how they keep us from focusing on their excesses and horrible way of governing. Would you fire your maid three days before a big dinner party you're giving, even if she does bad work? Nope. You'll think "ok, but after that she's gone". Our government makes sure that there is always a dinner party coming up.

I think it is bad luck to be superstitious