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Originally Posted by slowman View Post
Are there scenarios where spinning the wheels doesn't cause wheel hop? Are guys doing donuts in parking lots tearing up their rear-ends? What about sliding around on a skid-pad?

Not being argumentative, genuinely curious. I did some reading up and saw some youtubes that showed the suspension components during wheel hop and those shocks looked rough. Got me wondering how much damage kids spinning around were doing.
It's a mix of road surface and tire properties. I've experienced it only on cold, wet roads with relatively cold tires. If the tires are just spinning on the ground you're only going to tear up your tires. If you have wheel hop it's like Thor is hammering on the back of the car with his hammer. I saw a video of a open-frame dragster (not top fuel, but that sort of car) with wheel hop and the back end just exploded parts onto the drag strip.

These cars can handle alot, but they just aren't built for drag racing