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> The first step is to acknowledge the concept of god

Ah, see, that's me out right there.

For some reason, the concept of a god is as likely to me as the concept of no god is to you.

> This life, we believe, is a test

A test for what? A test of your virtue? Does it take a lifetime for god to decide if your virtuous?

What of people that die in childhood? Was their test easier? What if you do dangerous sports and die, is that, like, cheating?

Are there ways of dying early that are more virtuous?

> may I ask which religion (if any) do you follow? forgive me, but from the way you speak it sounds maybe as if you do not believe in ANY.

None whatsoever. Not even atheism.

> I still have Faith the JC is my ticket to those answers.

The reason why you believe Jesus is your ticket and not Mohammed...
And the reason why hks786 believes Mohammed is his ticket and not Jesus...
That is the reason why I think there are no tickets.