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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
I have come to realize lately that a skimpy, on options, E92 M3 may be the way that I am gonna lean. Two big ones come to mind that I have decided that I dont need nor really want.

1. Navigation-I hope I can get an M3 without Nav. I read an article recently that talked about Nav systems and resale value. Basically the article said that factory Nav systems go out of date in only a few years. And, made the obvious note that most of us dont need one. They instead praised portable systems that can be easily upgraded and removed from the car the daily grind. Not to mention that the Nav system clutters the dash. Plus, do I really need Nav in a performance car? I guess I dont really care about resale value but I do care about paying 1-3k for something that I am not going to need and that in 5yrs is going to be way out of date.

2. I think I am gonna ditch the DSG/DST in favor the 6spd MT. Mostly, this is for the drivers experience. I plan on driving both versions to solidify my decision before purchase but I bet I will like the MT better.

Finally, for a purist, isnt it better to get your sports car stripped down anyway? I dont know about you, but I love my little E36 M3 for the drivers experience not for all the little "doo dads" and luxuries. I would have gotten cloth seats if I could have. Driving my little M around yesturday also made me realize that I dont need the DSG just because it may be .2-.3 seconds faster.


Manual is a good idea.... However, this will be a totally different car.... For better or worse... you will be the judge.