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Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
i like how Porsche designs a car around a manual tranny, like the GT3 and GT3 RS. since BMW will no longer be making NA M cars i may have to give up some road comfort and will most likely go the GT3 route if i still can at the time. i like the R8 but i prefer RWD

that said i love the 6sp in my M3 and loved the manual in my last 2 M cars as well. i drove a DCT. there nice but not something i would buy. to me the DCT would be like a new video game, great for the first month or couple weeks then i would get bored of the paddles. i don't care that i am a little slower with the manual i have a blast every time i get in the car
Very true. The next gen. GT3 (due in 2-2 1/2 years) will offer DCT but a stick will still be available according to Porsche. As much as the thought of a NA 480-510 hp, <3000 lb, 8500 or > redline, GT3/RS with DCT tantalizes my brain, I will likely still select a stick for the reasons you state above.