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> Really, I prefer the reassurance of one simple unanswered question: "What is the nature of the universe?" to the millions of questions that are raised by any religion out there attempting to answer that one simple question.

The growth of many more questions than are answered is the basis of a good scientific experiment. So I think you and I do share a portion of the same "religion" that search for truth and meaning in our life.

Again, DESPITE all the scientific knowledge I may gather, I still have Faith the JC is my ticket to those answers.

I in no way believe that Earth is the only source of life in the universe, it's just too big for that. But that is not incogruous with my beleif and the teachings in the bible, because Jesus sent his disciples (sp?) to preach not to the Jews, but to the Gentiles, meaning everyone who was not a Jew. Does that limit them to just this Earth, I think not.