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Perfectly normal. It's the gear-driven exhaust cams (open the oil cap and you'll see what I'm talking about). When all are chain-driven, they're far quieter. Our system is a 'hybrid', since the intake cams are chain-driven. Our system makes timing more precise, the head more compact, and the engine more expensive. And that last part is why you don't see it used often. I still remember my '96 Honda VFR bike, which had the entire valvetrain gear-driven; it was a work of art, and music to the ears as well. But expensive as hell to maike.

Anyway, the other prevalent noise is the valvetrain, which is normal too. A bit noisier than my car's, but normal nonetheless. Maybe it's just the microphone. Don't worry man; enjoy your car. That whine is what makes our engine sound incredible IMO, especially under way; it's a mechanical symphony .