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Honey has bactericidal compounds in it. Bees use it to keep disease under control. People have known this for thousands of years, even if they did not know why it works. Muhammed might have known, but that knowledge was not given to him by Allah.

That is argueable, because we believe this is on of many things Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) has taught us. And of course his knowledge comes from God. There are many other miracles he has performed and they have been recorded. I mean, he has guided us completely from start to finish in how to live our lifes. We muslims also believe in "life after death" and "heaven and hell". Our holy prophet has given us signs of the last day, and many of them have been proven. I can give you the links to videos...

Yet many people seem to believe it says something quite different from what you believe it says.

That is the same in many religions. Look at Christians and Protestants. They differ in beliefs. However, our prophet again warned us of that! He knew we would divide. Regarding the Quran, in arabic words have different meaning, and of course the language style was old fashioned in those days so of COURSE it might be a little hard for everyone to intepret the same thing! please do not tell me everyone interprets even english in just one way. take a poem for instance, people will have different takes on the writers ideas etc.

What I'm really interested in is *why* people believe. The actual religion doesn't matter much since they all follow the same pattern.

I have studied many religions and I find a growing belief in Islam to be within me. My mother used to be Christian but now she is a very good muslim. I find great faults in many religions (no insult intended) but Islam is free of faults it really is, and I know I am not the BEST person to explain what questions you might have but I have very good knowledge of my religion and I read DAILY, about many miracles and discoveries in Islam!

Edit: I see what you mean about pattern, but really the first thing you have to understand is that there IS a god, then you have to ask yourself is god one? does he come in 3 parts for example? is there more than one god? The first step is to acknowledge the concept of god, then distinguish WHO god is and WHY he put us here and WHAT does he want us to do here and believe ?

Near as I can tell from what you've told me, Allah spoke to Muhammed, who was illiterate but memorized it word for word so someone else could write it down.

This was not needed. God wanted to show that Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) didnt have to be the richest, cleverest etc. God revealed verses to him and he spoke these verses and then people recorded them. These verses are very useful to us. I mean you really have to read the Quran inside out in english to completely understand the beauty of the system it creates. It is a complete way of life.

Forgive me if it's blasphemy, but I also can't see how you would tell a real prophet from a fake one. Take Sai Baba, for instance, who has many followers who will swear to have witnessed his many miracles proving he's legit. You can't all be right.

I understand this completely. I think it is disgusting (in my own religion) when people create their own beliefs. This life, we believe, is a test. We are constantly being tested and many people however, even though they are muslims, they have a hidden agenda and they are complete fakes. You find this in all religions however. We believe these people will be severely punished for their falsehood...

What would it take for you to convert to my religion?

I would have to study your religion closely (I am speak generally) and see the main beliefs and see how YOU religion works as a complete way of life. I also have to see proofs which would show that this is indeed the RIGHT beliefs and not just a fairly good working system.

Edit: may I ask which religion (if any) do you follow? forgive me, but from the way you speak it sounds maybe as if you do not believe in ANY. I just want to be clear....