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Honey has bactericidal compounds in it. Bees use it to keep disease under control. People have known this for thousands of years, even if they did not know why it works. Muhammed might have known, but that knowledge was not given to him by Allah.

People today are not smarter than they where thousands of years ago. We just have access to more information which makes it easier to put 2 and 2 together and find out what exactly it is in honey that makes it kill some bacteria.

> the Quran can be understood quite easily,

Yet many people seem to believe it says something quite different from what you believe it says.

So either those people are really stupid or they're reading a different version or what's written is open to interpretation (or they simply can't read and believe what they're told)

This feature isn't limited to Islam. *ALL* religions have groups of people with different opinions about what that religion is about.

> but if you really are interested in Islam

What I'm really interested in is *why* people believe. The actual religion doesn't matter much since they all follow the same pattern.

I just don't get what it is that makes you push all the unanswered fundamental questions aside and accept something quite unbelievable instead.

Near as I can tell from what you've told me, Allah spoke to Muhammed, who was illiterate but memorized it word for word so someone else could write it down.

That requires absolute infallibility of both the Prophet and the writer. It also makes me wonder why Allah didn't give Muhammed the skills to write, or why he did not choose someone who could write to start with or why Allah needs anyone at all to write a book.

See, there it already starts to break down for me... And the questions keep piling up:

Are there spelling mistakes in the Quran? What would be the significance of a spelling mistake?

Forgive me if it's blasphemy, but I also can't see how you would tell a real prophet from a fake one. Take Sai Baba, for instance, who has many followers who will swear to have witnessed his many miracles proving he's legit. You can't all be right.

Really, I prefer the reassurance of one simple unanswered question: "What is the nature of the universe?" to the millions of questions that are raised by any religion out there attempting to answer that one simple question.

Perhaps that then is my religion.

What would it take for you to convert to my religion?