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Originally Posted by Carlos@MORR View Post
I have personally started a lightweight project for my future Individual M3 and the cost of replacing parts for lighter ones is absurd. Between lighter trunk, door panels, seats, and exhaust you are at almost $15,000.

Even though the notion of a lightweight M3 is very appealing, for the cost of reducing weight on the E90/E92 Chassis, it`ll be cheaper and more effective to purchase a light set of wheels, brakes, suspension and add a supercharger kit effective increasing your power/weight rating which is the end goal after all.
You are correct, but I believe the whole spirit of weight loss is to retain the naturally aspirated nature of the engine while increasing performance.

If/When I get an E92 M3 I will do exactly as you suggest other than the supercharger. However the way I look at sports car buying is: if you aren't going to be satisfied after spending the 10-15k or so on high end Wheels/tires, suspension and brakes... you might as well just put that money towards a car that in stock form will be superior anyways. For most here that generally means a Porsche, namely a GT3.

The problem is aftermarket weight loss solutions are never going to be cost effective. That is why we should all be begging for BMW to distribute the costs more by making weight loss come straight off the assembly line.

Sadly the high revving M engine days are gasping their last breath so we are going to be forever limited to what is available today as far as BMW goes, barring the miracle of a E92 CSL version showing up here in the US...

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