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Cool M Festival - M Night: BMW M3 GT2 Race Car and M3 Ring Taxi

M Night Coverage: M3 GT2 Race Car - Ring Taxi
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Our coverage from M Festival continues. BMW had an awesome lineup of cars at display during M Night, but besides the new M3 CRT and the new M5, there were also the M3 GT2 race car, an E46 M3 GTR and the E90 M3 Ring Taxi on display.

We'll have our fingers crossed for BMW at the 24h race this upcoming weekend. In the meantime enjoy these photos! Thanks to Dackelone!!

See our F10 M5 coverage from M Night
See our M3 CRT coverage from M Night

BMW E92 M3 GT2 Race Car

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BMW E46 M3 GTR Race Car

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BMW E90 M3 Ring Taxi

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Facility Photos

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