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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
^ Get what you like but myself, and others it seems, see the VW as more of this cutesy classification than the MCS. Some see a MINI as this but people that know the car see it as "the little go kart".

A guy at my office building just bought a silver MCS and had the two piece wheels, forget the style number /same on mine, painted black leaving the lip stock steel and it looks sweet.

I could give a flying flip what classification people may put on a car and it's owner..

on and on.

I got my 08 MCS for several reasons but the deal sealer was the fun to drive factor it gives me. The transmission is great.
Cheap? No. Worth 27K to me? Yes.
The free service is nice. Resale is strong.

With all this blah blah blah said I am having dreams of a Panamera Turbo or Cayenne Turbo.

Get what makes you smile.
It's really just the lack of hard lines and its diminutive size (which is a plus at the same time) that turn me off from the MCS. I like how the Countryman takes all of that design DNA then adds some definition and muscularity without coming off as overwrought. Also, as strange as this sounds, that little ribbon on the front fender is really cool to me lol. And I def agree with you about not giving a flying fuck about what others think about what I drive. I'd like to get in something a little more relaxed for a change. Once I'm done with this car (if I end up snagging the keys to one), I'll probably be looking at a used C63 coupe or E92 M3.

Originally Posted by Dracon View Post
Both my parents are on their second Mini's. My dad had one of the first MCS's and my mom an 06 Cooper Cabrio. They are now on an 09 MCS JCW and my mom just got her 11 Countryman S 4-All. They've both been great cars, although just recently my mothers HPFP died on her and it's at the dealership waiting on a new one to arrive from Germany.
HPFP wat srsly?
Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
Oh no!
BMW has crept into the MINI lineup.

I never thought I would have a MINI. Never really noticed them as something I would one day like to have.
Turned in the 335 and walked past the MINI lot. A week later I had it and will probably always have one around. I can't say that about BMW however.
Maybe one day I will give them another shot but no time soon.
The three BMW' before the 335 were great vehicles.
I'd love to catch the fun factor bug like that. My Bimmer has been great, and I'd love to hop back in another one, but I want to explore alternatives. I'm not glued to any single brand.
Originally Posted by blue2fire View Post
The MINI drives well for a FWD car but the interior kills it. It also isn't cheap for a good one with options.

What about an MX-5?
The interior has been a concern for sure. My friend had an older Cooper (pre-FL) that he let me drive. Loved everything about it minus the obvious lack of S-trim benefits and that huge ass speedo in the middle. I checked out the Countryman's before I took off from the airport and I was surprisingly reassured after a little peek. Something about it doesn't piss me off. I also love the rail system down the middle, which has actually received a large amount of criticism from the journalists.

I can only assume MX-5s would be amazing, but I need the practicality of something with four seats. Would love to do a spec race with one of those at some point in my life.
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