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I'll be special-ordering a model big on performance options and light on convenience items. More stuff to break. The nav system, built in phone, all the doo dads, etc. Even my 2004 M3 is starting to show little signs of wear and I barely drive it, but the glue in the sunroof visor gave out and the materials/adhesives holding the door upholstery and finish are loosening. The leather is thinning in parts on the driver seat.

Except for electronic seats and a sunroof I will be saying No to all the creature comforts. Because if you ever try to sell it, all it takes is one broken doo dad to stigmatize the car. Not that I plan to sell it. I wil be keeping my 2004 M3 because I think it will be a classic. It has only like 19,000 miles on it after three years. I don't want to go over 25K on it.