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This is pretty cool. However, it does bring me quite some quite some ambivalence. Certainly repeating/echoing many prior comments:
  • This should have been done on the E92 not the E90. If we accept it was done on the E90 since it will end production sooner and as a teaser of the future I can swallow that.
  • There is a great deal of contradiction in having Navi, high end audio and alarm in a weight savings oriented car. However, most of us should admit that for a trackable daily driver we do want both luxuries and lightweight.
  • I appreciate BMW M choosing the M-DCT only for the model. Sure it weighs about 40 lbs more but is roughly equivalent to 20 hp in terms of performance. That is a great ratio.
  • The sandwich/core construction of the hood is impressive. This is not your typical crap aftermarket CF only hood. The core is what gives it the rigidity of steel and makes it much much more effort to manufacture. If this is any sort of sign of things to come in production M's it will be a great thing.
  • Seats are a work of art. Things like this should be an option in production M's or perhaps track oriented production models of which have been hinted at for future M cars.
  • The aluminum hood is VERY light in the first place. Dropping 50% of its weight is not much in an absolute amount but a very impressive percentage.
  • Standard USA E90 M3 has 47.8% rear weight distibution. Getting to 48.4% is not much gain. In general BMW needs to drop this whole 50-50 thing and shoot for 55% rear.
  • Brake calipers look like Brembos.
  • Lot's of reiteration of completely standard M3 specs in the spec list. Such as bedplate, throttle butterflies, knock system, wet sump, rear subframe. Blah, blah, blah.
  • I'm highly confident they could have sold a lot more than 60 or 70 of these.
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