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^ Get what you like but myself, and others it seems, see the VW as more of this cutesy classification than the MCS. Some see a MINI as this but people that know the car see it as "the little go kart".

A guy at my office building just bought a silver MCS and had the two piece wheels, forget the style number /same on mine, painted black leaving the lip stock steel and it looks sweet.

I could give a flying flip what classification people may put on a car and it's owner..

on and on.

I got my 08 MCS for several reasons but the deal sealer was the fun to drive factor it gives me. The transmission is great.
Cheap? No. Worth 27K to me? Yes.
The free service is nice. Resale is strong.

With all this blah blah blah said I am having dreams of a Panamera Turbo or Cayenne Turbo.

Get what makes you smile.
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