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Originally Posted by gnhm3 View Post
Hey everyone, I have a huge problem that happened last week. I was driving in 1st gear and got up to around 7k rpm and proceeded to shift into 2nd when it kind of hesitated and grinded. I eventually got it into 2nd and when I did you heard something break in the back of the car. When I would accelerate you could tell there was something wrong with the car.

I take the car to Center BMW in Sherman Oaks on June 13. They proceed to tell me the cars subframe and differential need to be replaced. They have techs come out and tell me on June 16 that they will not cover it because of my "driving style". When I asked what the techs found out and why they came to that conclusion, I don't get a straight answer and they start ignoring me. They won't give me anything in writing either.

I was in total shock. The damage came out to about $9,000 and I think it is ridiculous that they are not covering it. The SA told me if I ever took the car to 8k rpm and I said wtf do you think, its an M3. He then told me its not a warranty problem and it's my fault.

I am not saying I drive this car softly, but I never drove it in anyway to cause this kind of damage.

So does anyone have any advice they can share. The car is just sitting at the dealer and I have no idea what to do.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
good god that makes me worried. You saying you're not allowed to run these cars to 8K or it will void your warranty? Give me a break. These cars were built to be driven hard. Even tracked once in a while, I cant see a subframe failing. What the heck did you do? I drive mine and dump the clutch into 2nd maybe once a month. Guess I'll stop doing that. I cant face 9K in damages.
I would not let them get away with putting that back on you unless of course you were out catching 2 feet of air with the car off jumps.