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Originally Posted by pman10 View Post
Two quick clarifications/counter points I'd like to throw in:

1.) If warranty can be voided for using launch control, it should specifically state that. Comparing LC to shooting someone with a gun is silly and absurd. It is not abuse unless the manufacturer STATES explicitly that it is abuse. Our manufacturer even goes to the length of explaining how to specifically use launch control. And no, I don't use launch control - I don't see the point. However, if someone has ABUSED launch control (eg. uses LC several times per day), then that could constitute vehicle abuse.

2.) Tracking your car ALONE does NOT void your warranty. Read the manual. Your warranty is voided if you enter any competitive or timed events or if the vehicle has been abused. BMW specifically bills this car as a track-worthy vehicle. Voiding warranty simply for stepping foot (or tire) on a race track is ridiculous, unless there has been blatant abuse (damaged suspension, over-revved the engine, toasted brake rotors, etc).
I'd like to second these points. Neither LC nor tracking ones M3 voids the warranty (unlike the infamous use LC void your warranty in the GT-R). Why - the manual does not state that LC does and it specifically states that tracking does not.

I'll also continue to say this is rubbish

Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Few clarifications, since some folks seem to take things literally here .
I said smart expensive car owners never do launches because that's the truth.
Not to boast too greatly but I am one (of hundreds) of obvious exceptions. In the absence of obvious sarcasm or hyperbole we can only take what is said at literal face value. Do you care to revise your statement (yet)? It is patently false.
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