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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Don't be a drama queen man. A lot of owners drive their M3s hard, and nothing breaks. But they're not abusing their cars .

That's why owners of expensive cars NEVER do launches; wheel hop can cause serious damage. Not to mention the abuse the drivetrain (especially clutch, transmission, differential) and suspension take. Somebody found a post from the OP complaining of wheel hop, but most of us didn't need that 'proof' to know abuse was involved. The M3 is a good circuit car, but not a drag racer.

Finally, for those who think an expert can't know what caused damage like the OP's to your car, think again. It's like thinking a forensic pathologist can miss a broken bone. They're going to know. Waranty covers DEFECTS, not abuse. I'd be MUCH more sympathetic with an honest owner than one trying to fool me ... even if I couldn't help him.

So if something were to go bad while you tracking the M, you're saying BMW will cover it? Rather than the owner doing launches? Why did they invent launch control if the car's components can't handle it?

BULLSHIT. BMW should fix OP's car.