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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
do you know what i just typed? i said AA is a promo game for the military... from what i heard... they send you army advertisements in the mail...

its propaganda...

anybody brave enough to put on a digital uniform? what are you talking about? we're talking about a GAME... not the military... and the fact that they're targeting those who like playing video games is pretty sad. if you don't see the implications of this.. then im sorry. just because your good at the game does nto make you a likely candiate for the army--yet the army is using this as a tool to recruit potential soldiers... brave or not this is the army through the use of popular entertainment. the idea that you have to MARKET the army is the saddest...
I responded to your statement about nerds defending our country. All I'm saying is your wrong in saying that. Futhermore my PC friend, why sterotype people that play games as nerds.

Everything revolves around marketing. Its how word gets out. I'm not defending it, but they use tools like this to generate interest. Why is it sad to use recruiting tools?