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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
That's why owners of expensive cars NEVER do launches; wheel hop can cause serious damage. Not to mention the abuse the drivetrain (especially clutch, transmission, differential) and suspension take. Somebody found a post from the OP complaining of wheel hop, but most of us didn't need that 'proof' to know abuse was involved. The M3 is a good circuit car, but not a drag racer.
Admittedly, I've only launched mine once...just to try it. I don't doubt that it does puts a strain on the car. Mines running like a champ and I really don't want to roll the dice on doing something that might change that.
If BMW makes a car that rev's to 8400rpm and has LC...then I don't see how they could refuse warranty to someone who used the capability. Even the manual cautions against overuse, but doesn't say it'll void your warranty.
I think there's more to this. Something along the lines of what some others have said...they discovered a modification to the car.

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