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Originally Posted by christopherchenm View Post
We are not allowed to rev it up to 8K? You must be kidding me.
Don't be a drama queen man. A lot of owners drive their M3s hard, and nothing breaks. But they're not abusing their cars .

That's why owners of expensive cars NEVER do launches; wheel hop can cause serious damage. Not to mention the abuse the drivetrain (especially clutch, transmission, differential) and suspension take. Somebody found a post from the OP complaining of wheel hop, but most of us didn't need that 'proof' to know abuse was involved. The M3 is a good circuit car, but not a drag racer.

Finally, for those who think an expert can't know what caused damage like the OP's to your car, think again. It's like thinking a forensic pathologist can miss a broken bone. They're going to know. Waranty covers DEFECTS, not abuse. I'd be MUCH more sympathetic with an honest owner than one trying to fool me ... even if I couldn't help him.

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