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Leave the office, not raining, one light down 22nd and its just coming down. I head home on 22nd (at 22nd and 83 in oak brook) which is underconstruction with barrels and fences the entire lengh down the middle. So i am trying to haul ass home to avoid hail. So randomly theres a barrel in the road, then a fence. I was like, its not blowing that hard no way. Bit further on and it clears up traffic wise so i get on it in the left lane with a car behind me in the right (after passing him), then i see the barrels on my left start shaking in the wind, one pops out right in front of me, i jam on the brakes just in time to let is sail in front and smokes the car that is on my right, ur welcome.

So think, i need to get home fast, cause there is a line of shit that could hit my car called construction barriers for 2 miles on 22nd. so i gun it and am hauling around 40+ and i start seeing the barrels shaking some more, literally three in a row (I got in the right lane for more time to react) come at me and i have to gun it to stay ahead of the god damn king kong atari game of illinois contruction. Get stuck at light about 200 yards from the end of the contruction and just have to sit and wait and hope nothing blows into me (i was ready to gun it through the light if need be). Then here comes the guy that took my last barrel to project my left side from the shit flying everywhere (nothing hit him though), then it was speed racer home. Wish i had recorded it.