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I just can't wake up in the morning. Which alarm clock?

I have mad trouble getting up in the morning. Especially lately. It is harder and harder to wake up at 7am. "Sleep early!" is not an option, I deal with overseas transactions and Korea's 5pm is fortunately 1am here.

I was thinking about this one Japanese built clock where the size of the clock is about size of a husky and has a hammer. Suppose, you aim the hammer towards ur head before you sleep and it wakes you up by smashing your face. I was close to buying it for $250. This was couple months ago.

After pressing the snooze button for like 2 hours today and absolutely late for all the schedules I had, I'm fed up with it. I'm getting "some" alarm clocks. Plural.

So here are 10 best alarms picked by UberReview.

I'm thinking of getting the "Clocky" alarm, the one with wheels. Put it on the floor.

And maybe in addition, add this near the nightstand, and put the bed shaker under my pillow.

Wish I could get this one. Skip to 0:45

What do you guys think? Any other smart suggestions?
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