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Originally Posted by Vybz View Post
What substance does that hold if any? The Cayman's shift system is garbage and purely asinine. He even clearly stated that compared to other DCT's the Cayman's is ass backwards...

Ironically the answer you seek was in your own video. The reason the DCT is a quicker transmission is because of the fact that the next gear is already selected and engaged. The time to shift is literally taken out of the equation altogether. Regardless though if you utilize the DCT with a stupid ass system such as the Cayman's it doesn't really matter, whatever gains you achieved are easily nulified, more so if the driver is frustrated and confused with it.

6MT for life... but I'm not in denial, a DCT trany is faster and as technology continues to improve the gap will only grow wider. That doesn't mean I'll stop driving MT though.
We all know the DCT is faster... Tell me something I don't know.

My point was, in certain cars, on certain tracks, with certain drivers, a simple manual can still win out. Read what I posted before and then actually see the lap times between both cars. The transmission shifts faster, but in this case, however, it doesn't make the car any quicker.

Have you ever driven Porsche's PDK? You literally don't even need to touch anything because it's rather intuitive in upshifting. It'll do it when it's supposed to. Granted, on a shorter and skinnier track like that, it definitely needs some help in shifting down at the right times, and that can prevent optimal gears at certain points.

And I wasn't seeking any answer. I gave the answer. Where was my question? Thanks for playing, though.

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