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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
I'm afraid not. A subframe is not going to break due to a botched shift. No way. It's pretty darn stout.

Now we're getting somewhere . OP, you said you have never launched (see below). How come you had wheel hop without launching?

With regard with the first sentence, we understand you don't want to incriminate yourself here, but don't lie to us either man.
On the second sentence, on one instance it turned out the subframe damage happened when shop installing an exhaust forgot to tighten 2 of the 3 bolts (the ones holding the brackets where exhaust hangs) holding the differential to the subframe, and eventually snapped the 3rd. Not owner's fault directly, but even less BMW's.

Finally, my advice is to come clean about what happened (at least with BMW), since if you're caught lying, you're not going to get anywhere. Even if you had a launch or two, the car is supposed to withstand some abuse. Remember experienced technicians can pretty much tell by the way something broke how it happened, and it'd be pretty clear if it was a defect, abuse, negligence (in case the bolts were removed and not tightened properly), or if you hit something. I REALLY doubt you'd be immediately turned down for warranty if something wasn't pretty obvious to them, and without the 'full truth' from you, all our comments are useless. Good luck man.
It does remind me of this thread

10g damage to my 3 month old m3: need help
Hey guys,

I've been meaning to put this thread up for a while now since it has been a reoccurring problem for me with my car. In Mid Feb, the bolt on my right suspension mount on the drive train snapped in half and when I brought it to my local bmw dealership(Greenwood Indiana) they said that when the exhaust was mounted someone tampered with my bolt and torqued it improperly. So the problem wasn't covered under warranty and I had to shell out $400, not a big deal but figured I would go to the exhaust shop to get the money for the repair. When discussing the issue with the exhaust shop they were determined to make me understand that in now way were they responsible for the damage that happened. The car was set up on a lift and the bolt that had broken was no where near the hangers or where was worked on under the car. So clearly, it was a mechanical fault that I had to pay for. My understanding till this day, having a handful of bmws in my family is that, everything that goes wrong with the car under 50k is under warranty. So whatever I was aggravated but happy to have my car back and I was on the road once again. So I shipped my car back to NY for spring and summer and after driving around for no more hen 1000 miles after the car was fixed, same noise that came from the car when it snapped the 1st time happened once again. . So I figured not to worry, I purchased my car from BMW of Manhattan they should take care of it and get it back to me pretty soon. I get a call the next day stating that the bolt that was installed at BMW in Indiana was not the proper one and therefore had snapped in half again and this time the drive train actually dropped and the exhaust hanger broke off. So now i'm facing 10gs of damages and BMW of Indiana is claiming that the proper bolt was installed and they will take no action because the car is not in front of them. BMW of Manhattan is claiming that since it was a direct result of their workmanship they are liable. So now both BMWs are saying they are not the ones to blame. At this point I really cant stand waiting around for calls or calling service managers and pleading my case with no results. So my car has been sitting at BMW for about a week now and no repair has started and no intention of it until this issue with Indiana is resolved. What would you recommend I do from here? Would really really appreciate your help guys. Thanks
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