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Originally Posted by Nelrock View Post
Are we getting the full story?
I'm afraid not. A subframe is not going to break due to a botched shift. No way. It's pretty darn stout.

Originally Posted by ChitownM3 View Post
The only thing I can think of is you snapped a bolt when you experienced wheel hop 2 months ago
Now we're getting somewhere . OP, you said you have never launched (see below). How come you had wheel hop without launching?

Originally Posted by gnhm3 View Post
No drag strip or launching. Only mod was a Gintani axle back which was not even on the car when it happened.
With regard with the first sentence, we understand you don't want to incriminate yourself here, but don't lie to us either man.
On the second sentence, on one instance it turned out the subframe damage happened when shop installing an exhaust forgot to tighten 2 of the 3 bolts (the ones holding the brackets where exhaust hangs) holding the differential to the subframe, and eventually snapped the 3rd. Not owner's fault directly, but even less BMW's.

Finally, my advice is to come clean about what happened (at least with BMW), since if you're caught lying, you're not going to get anywhere. Even if you had a launch or two, the car is supposed to withstand some abuse. Remember experienced technicians can pretty much tell by the way something broke how it happened, and it'd be pretty clear if it was a defect, abuse, negligence (in case the bolts were removed and not tightened properly), or if you hit something. I REALLY doubt you'd be immediately turned down for warranty if something wasn't pretty obvious to them, and without the 'full truth' from you, all our comments are useless. Good luck man.