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Originally Posted by nirvanayoda View Post
I can tell you without a doubt that the M3 doesn't feel faster than the Dinan Stage 3 in any gear. I have no doubt that it's possible that it is, in fact, faster. I also am not saying the M3 isn't fast. I'm just saying I've had both -- I drove 20k miles with the Dinan 3 upgrades and 4k miles in the M3 -- and from personal experience, the Dinan 3 feels much faster.

With that being said, the more time I spend in the M3, the better I am at driving it and the faster it feels. Perhaps when I reach some skill level in driving it, it will feel faster. However, that would mean the M3 is a very driver skill dependent car, whereas the Dinan 3 is a car anyone driving can make fast.

And just to clarify, I have an EE degree, not an ME degree, so the wheel torque explanation was somewhat lost on me without studying it for a while. You could be right about that, but that doesn't change seat of the pants perception.

I never go by what people feel, as that is very subjective. To calculate torque in a gear, you multiply engine torque X trans gear ratio X rear end ratio. The trans and rear end are torque multipliers.