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Originally Posted by ChitownM3 View Post

I misspoke, the M3 actually has more torque in first gear than a zo6, which is rated at 405 torque at the motor. This is the advantage of having horsepower, being able to mess with the gears. In the end, my M3 feels faster and is faster than a 335 because it puts more torque to the street in each gear than a 335.
I can tell you without a doubt that the M3 doesn't feel faster than the Dinan Stage 3 in any gear. I have no doubt that it's possible that it is, in fact, faster. I also am not saying the M3 isn't fast. I'm just saying I've had both -- I drove 20k miles with the Dinan 3 upgrades and 4k miles in the M3 -- and from personal experience, the Dinan 3 feels much faster.

With that being said, the more time I spend in the M3, the better I am at driving it and the faster it feels. Perhaps when I reach some skill level in driving it, it will feel faster. However, that would mean the M3 is a very driver skill dependent car, whereas the Dinan 3 is a car anyone driving can make fast.

And just to clarify, I have an EE degree, not an ME degree, so the wheel torque explanation was somewhat lost on me without studying it for a while. You could be right about that, but that doesn't change seat of the pants perception.