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Originally Posted by pman10 View Post
Couple of quick questions for you:

1.) Have you ever launched the car? Do you go the drag strip frequently/ at all?

2.) Have you ever experienced 'wheel hop'? Did this happen recently (when your differential/subframe broke)?

3.) Have you asked to speak to the service manager/general manager?

Finally, I'll back up what the others have said on this thread - if you feel aggrieved and BMW NA won't listen to you, you need to speak to a lawyer. That is a massive repair bill out of pocket, for such a new car.
No drag strip or launching. As for the manager, I will hopefully speak with him tomorrow but I know it will be useless.

Originally Posted by badbimmer View Post
Hire an attorney and have him/her send a letter. Did you modify your car? If yes, you may be liable.
Only mod was a Gintani axle back which was not even on the car when it happened. Even if it was an axle back exhaust shouldn't be the cause of this.

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