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Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
> neither you, nor they, nor any foolish terroist have the knowledge required to understand such a wonderful book.

Who does?

If common man has no hope of understanding the Quran, who then shall guard their virtue and lead them to walk the prophet's path into Allah's grace? You? Osama?
Bro, the Quran can be understood quite easily, I mean I have two english versions here in my house. And if you study our religion you will see that in our society we have many religous leaders who guide us, and no I am not talking about Osama Bin Laden (that reference you made was totally unnecessary as we true muslims condemn Osama Bin Laden's wrongful actions and deeds), we have many leaders in our communities who spread the message really peacefully and they are really down to earth people who dont care about material things, they only care about the true path in Islam !